Unlock RoboGEO

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Unlock RoboGEO

When you purchase RoboGEO you'll be issued an unlock code that will upgrade the demo to a fully functional registered version.

To enter your unlock code, select the 'Unlock Demo' option under the 'Help' pull-down menu.

To avoid typing errors, it's best to copy the unlock code from the e-mail that you received and then paste it directly into the appropriate field.

The computer that you register RoboGEO on must be connected to the internet. If you're behind a proxy server and encounter problems, contact your network administrator.

The unlocking process only applies to the Windows user that's currently logged into the system, i.e. one Windows user account (such as the system admin) can't unlock the demo for another Windows user account. Each Windows user account must unlock the demo while logged in under that account.

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